Yorkie Shih Tzu

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The Yorkie Shih Tzu, also known as shorkies and shorkie tzus, is not a pure breed dog, they are actually one of several “Designer dogs” in the world. If you are looking to leap into the designer dog world then a shorkie is perfect! Yorkie Shih Tzus have some of the best traits from both the shih tzu and yorkie and because of this they make for wonderful dogs that are generally really loved by their owners. As with any animal however there are few things you should consider before running off and buying one! Here is some info about the Shorkie!

Make sure you have a Yorkie Shih Tzu – Not all designer dogs are bread from pure breed sources, this could mean you have a “multi generation cross” breed! Check that the breeder has papers for both parents of the puppy and that they are a reputable source.

Yorkie shih tzu temperament – Shorkies are playful, well behaved dogs that can be very calm yet also outgoing when they need to be! This has made them known as a good “therapy dog” as they ease the nerves of their owner (generally)! Shorkies can be stubborn sometimes however they are very loyal dogs and are known to become quite attached to their owners. Yorkie shih tzus, like most dogs, are very social and require a lot of attention. Leaving your dog at home for long periods of time can leave them a little distressed.

Size and grooming – Shorkies are generally a very similar size to a regular breed shih tzu, they are between 5 and 11 inches tall and generally weigh anywhere between 5 and 16 pounds. Shorkies come in a variety of colors, some have a black mask on their faces similar to yorkies and others have a combination of black, tan, gold and red. Because of their long hair you should ideally brush them daily to avoid any knots and tangles but depending on your dogs lifestyle this can probably be reduced to once every few days. Make sure you also bathe your yorkie shih tzu at least once a month and also trim their hair around their eyes and butts to avoid any health problems.

Health and Environment – Unfortunately the shorkie breed is prone to hip dysplasia as well as thyroid and eye problems. In general however a mixed breed dog will live longer and be healthier than a pure breed! Shorkies have quite a good life expectancy also with the average age ranging from 14 to 19 years. Shorkies have quite a lot of energy so it is important that they get a walk now and then and a bit of a play in an open space. Despite being quite active dogs they actually also do quite well in most smaller environments such as apartments and town houses making them perfect for retirees, young couples and even big families.

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